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Marketing Strategy

We approach social media strategy through six tried and true old school marketing principles.  Brand, Position, Reach, Creativity, Collaboration and Content.  

These principles drive our creative analysis, strategy, content and overall approach.

For social media platforms to be effective the content needs to be both strategic and creative.

Our strategy starts with identifying which social media channels are essential for your business.  From there we help you develop a content plan and calendar along with messaging themes and interaction best practices. We will also present a paid boosted post strategy if you chose to invest in paid media. 

Competitive Analysis

We recommend before launching a social media campaign a competitive analysis is essential. We will conduct an assessment of your top competitors social media presence, content, messaging and posting strategy.  The competitive analysis will help us shape your strategy to set you up for social media success.  

Content Creation

 To stand out on social media, your content not only needs to be on point it must be appealing and eye catching.  We utilize several tools to create visually appealing posts with images, videos, infographics and call to actions that provide your followers with engaging, relevant information.   

Social Selling

Social selling is  no longer a buzz word, its the future of sales.  We lead training sessions to show your team how to amp their sales by  implementing social selling tactics.  No longer will you rely on your cold call list and boilerplate sales pitch. We show you how to implement a successful social selling approach to gain competitive insight, customer knowledge and build online relationships that positivly impacts the sales process..

Influencer Strategy

For those brands who are looking to amp their social presence with a little help from industry experts or bloggers, we can build an Influencer strategy.  We help you identify targeted individuals within your industry to help build your brands social footprint through their following.  We will work with the Influencer to create a comprehensive marketing strategy that meets your needs and budget.

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